Philippa Graff

Johannesburg, South Africa

After graduating until 2010, I was an art teacher at various schools.   This time marks my delving back into painting with a renewed energy. I was experimenting in style and subject matter.  I explored realism and abstract, collage and thin washes of dripped paint. South Africa hosted the Soccer World Cup. I drew inspiration from my country, the wild life and my home.  I researched trees and nature.



– represents a sold painting

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When one views these paintings, one is mesmerized by the veils of paint that wash and spill and pool over the canvas. At times rivulets are formed as they establish planes and shapes, creating a spacial dynamic both across the surface and backwards. Within this spatial configuration, linear articulations emerge as recognizable images. In Protea Weeping Blue, a spiky flower arises on the perimeter of the format behind a shower of cerulean blue and cut out shapes. In Brown Leaves and Shadows, brown lines form shadows, defining the leaves that seem to be lifting off a diagonally striated surface as they dry.

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