Philippa Graff

Johannesburg, South Africa

Painting is my form of expression and I am forever grateful to be able to articulate my thoughts through my art. I have consciously embraced a deeper freedom of not striving toward the perfect painting. The imperfection, the reworking, and the feeling of rawness are all part of my process that I humbly accept. I may rework the canvas time and again, but ultimately, I settle into a place of non-judgmental peace.

The COVID isolation has resulted in an even greater intensity of commitment to my passion of painting. My artwork will continue to be my form of situational declaration. Nature, Deforestation and Global Warming will always be intrinsic themes I will not ignore, and I feel they are deserving of ongoing imaginative statements.

My journey is far from complete. Like so many in this world, I continue life with veracity and determination. That is my choice. I hope you can feel my sincerity and energy through all my paintings. Enjoy!

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My recent work continues the theme of Deforestation but I am now engaging with linear and geometric shapes and forms that inter-relate with the mark making on the surface. I am reflecting the degradation of the natural environment by the urbanization that is dramatically encroaching the landscape of Johannesburg, creating architectural invasions.

My work explores deforestation of the urban environment. In making this work I am aware of the destruction of nature for capital gain by developers insensitive to the turmoil created to the ecosystem and to the life that is integrated into it, to the damage that is caused to the places that insects, birds and animals depend on for their survival.

However, alongside my concern for the devastation that is wrought by development, is my recognition that urbanization is inevitable and that domestic, commercial and industrial architecture is a necessity. Indeed, I am attracted to architecture that honours principles of design but that, moreover, respects the natural context of which it is part. It is the aesthetic integration of the build environment into nature that has become the subject of my new work.

My paintings grapple with the tension that exists for me between my distaste for the harm that is caused and the appreciation of beautiful architecture. I create works that are essentially organic in form – that contrast loose painterliness with geometry. Impasto and glazes harmonize into compositions that emphasize my enduring fascination with oil paint and its possibilities to express the most profound concepts. Through this medium’s versatility to be both a medium for drawing and one that has the possibility to evoke atmosphere with colour, tone and texture I am able to express myself.

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