Philippa Graff’s paintings have a tactile quality.
The works are characterized by their textured surfaces,
on which she applies expressive mark-making and
painterly brushstrokes.

Her keen sense of colour is evident throughout her work,
which depicts abstract images of nature.

Artist Statement

For me, painting, is not always about representing what I see, but what emerges while I am painting. I relish in the squeezing out of paint from tubes, mixing colours and loading brushes. I am a ‘painters’ painter’. I am inspired by different mark-making with my brush, crayon or finger. The line, colour and texture are as important for me as the idea.

I see the act of painting in the same way as I see life. I believe that one needs to struggle, to make mistakes and grow from those errors. The artwork and the person will become more layered and gain greater depth.

For Sale

Philippa Graff paintings are for sale. If interested in any of her work, she will be available for more information. Paintings marked with a dot ( ) have been sold.


During this time, I committed myself to my paintings, I was not afraid of making mistakes, I reworked the canvas over and over, and with time, reached a level of acceptability. My themes are concerned with natural phenomena, deforestation and global warming which dominate the artwork.  My journey is far from complete, I have so much still to say and to do and I hope that through these paintings you will enjoy my energy and passion.


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